We pursue shapes to perfection therefore flaws are not to be made.

To design is one thing, but to design correctly and professionally another. We are professionals, so  this is because everything is done exactly the way it should be.


Based on our experience in production and printing, the preparation of the most demanding printing with be flawless.

With years of experience and a wide range of knowledge on all kinds of productions from the most demanding offset printing to a cut on the laser cutter, our final products will be perfectly prepared.


By hard work and fast service we are also able to carry out some of the most demanding projects overnight.

Due to the experience and expertise in knowing our

tools to the last detail, we can easily carry out even the most demanding projects according to your wishes with unprecedented speed, precision and persistence. Try out our capabilities!




The power well known to everyone. Consumers entrust it and owners hope for more

because of it. Since the brand is the heart of selling, we conduct or create it entirely

for you. Be noticeable, be something more.


Corporate design is an indispensable part of every business. We shine and glow with it, we recognize ourselves in it and identify with it. It is the first contact with the client, the first heart-desired greeting. We strive for individuality, transparency and high quality of all contents of the corporate design. From the logotype, printed reference to the entire catalogue. You will not miss anything.



Packaging is the suit of each product. We will prepare it entirely for you.

From creating an individual tool to transforming the old one. We will equip you with

everything you need to be of the highest quality possible. We will advise you when

choosing the material, take care of pre-press activities and finally make sure that your

product is the one that will stand out among others.



Missing creativity, individuality, artistic messages, or provocative solutions? We will not disappoint you. The computer is not always our only tool.

We grab a pen and illustrate, or use the clay to make a sculpture. Creativity is within us and we live with it.



With the help of trustworthy external collaborators, we offer everything from design,

production, management and monitoring of websites, social networks and web

applications. Are you interested in a successful sales promotion or good advice?

You are in the right place.



We independently take all kinds of photos: studio, portrait etc. We shoot the products

and prepare a free-standing object, take care of reporting or a complex

photomontage, photo illustrations, and all the way to preparing photos for printing,

which further requires special attention, skill and accuracy.



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We do everything from the script to the recorded scene. We produce video animation, and the entire post production including sound, not only picture. Our expertise is stop motion animation video, which we are very fond of. We carry out everything from set design, choreography, scenario and costume design.



With years of experience, we have faced the impossible and created possible.

We have got to know the width and learned to involve it in production. We have formed

metal, wood, plastics. We have manufactured industrial products, successfully and

with great precision pursued all production techniques. We have cut paper with

scissors in kilometers for several times. Would you be interested in a poetic text?

Do you dare to try? We are ready.



Matija Skomina and CREATIS

May I introduce myself as Head of Production Agency CREATIS. As a perfectionist I pursue perfection therefore I faithfully dedicate myself to all project stages, from concept to completion. I love discovering the unknown and never lose the will to learn new things. I started my path of design as a high school pupil at the School of Design and Photography, and later upgraded my knowledge at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. By working hard and gaining experience I was happy to open Creatis, the agency I represent proudly. With the help of enthusiastic and experienced external

collaborators who never run out of momentum, I offer a wide range of quality services. We combine knowledge gained on the basis of experience with modern and innovative perspectives on creative communication. We are individual, professional, full of ideas and we are not afraid to offer provocative solutions and harmonize the forms with perfection.


We live for design. Every day, every thought, every moment is a part of our creative process. We are aware that the best ideas arise from experience and feelings that we are experiencing daily - even when we sleep. And we wake up knowing that each new day is another opportunity for a creative way of life!


Design is not only our work, but also our way of life.



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by Matija Skomina


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